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A Treatment record covers a period at which a patient is associated with a hospital and is classified as having a specific modality. It is possible for treatment records to overlap if a patient has multiple treatments (such as post-transplant dialysis).

A treatment record should exist for any period of time where they would be considered a patient (so for example code 900 record for pre-RRT CKD and a code 94 record for post-RRT Conservative care).

Systems should supply end dates to show when a record has ended, along with a reason for this happening.

Details of Transplants themselves should be recorded as Procedures but Treatment records should be used to record periods of Transplant related Inpatient/Outpatient care.


XML Example:

		<Description>Southmead Hospital</Description>
		<Description>Patient transferred Out</Description>
		<Description>Southmead Hospital</Description>


SQL Table

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