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This structure is intended to be used to store data supplied by NHS Blood & Transplant. It is not to be supplied by Renal Units.






Variable NameDescriptionReason
RR_IDUK Renal Registry NumberIdentifier
UKTR_IDUKTR recipient IDIdentifier
UKTR_DATE_ONnDate registered for transplantation (1 to n)Analysis
UKTR_LIST_STATUSnIndicates initial status of the registrationAnalysis
A=Active, S=Suspended, T=Transplanted (non-registered transplant)
UKTR_ENDSTATnIndicates the end status of the registration:Analysis
A=Still active, S=Suspended,  SA=Suspended from the active list
DA=Died while actively listed, DS=Died while suspended from list
L  =Non-registered live donor transplant
LA=Live donor transplant while actively listed
LS=Live donor transplant while suspended on the list
RA=Removed from the active list
RS=Removed while suspended from the list
T=Non-registered deceased donor transplant
TA=Deceased donor transplant while actively listed
TR=Transplanted after removal from the list
TS=Transplanted while suspended from the list
UKTR_TX_LISTnType of transplant the patient is listed forAnalysis
UKTR_REMOVAL_DATEnDate removed from the transplant list (if applicable)Analysis
UKTR_TX_IDnUKTR Transplant IDIdentifier
UKTR_TXDATEnUKTR Date of transplantAnalysis
UKTR_DGRPnUKTR Donor type of transplant:Analysis
DBD=Donation after brain death donor DCD=Donation after circulatory death donor
LIVE=Living donor
UKTR_TX_TYPEnType of transplant receivedAnalysis
UKTR_TX_UNITnTransplant centreAnalysis
UKTR_FAILDATEnDate the transplant failed (if applicable)Analysis
UKTR_DDATEUKTR recipient date of deathAnalysis
UKTR_RELATIONSHIPnFor living donor transplants only:Analysis
The relationship between donor and recipient
UKTR_DSEXnFor living donor transplants only:Analysis
The type of donor (to allow full relationship data)
UKTR_COFCause of graft failureAnalysis
0='Graft still functioning'
201 = 'Hyperacute rejection'
202 = 'Rejection while taking immunosuppressive drug(s)'
203 = 'Rejection after stopping all immunosuppressive drugs'
204 = 'Recurrent primary renal disease'
205 = 'Vascular or ureteric operative problems (excluding vascular thrombosis)'
206 = 'Vascular (arterial or venous) thrombosis'
207 = 'Infection of graft'
208 = 'Removal of functioning graft'
209 = 'Non-viable kidney'
290 = 'Recipient died, graft was functioning at time of death'
295,298 = 'Other'
299 = 'Unknown';
UKTR_OTHER_COFFree text entries for failed transplants categorised as other in the UKTR_COF field.Analysis
UKTR_CIT_minsCIT in minutesAnalysis
UKTR_HLA_MMHLA mismatchAnalysis
RR_Dialysis_Start_DatenRenal RegistryAnalysis
Dialysis start date (1 to n)
RR_Dialysis_CentrenRenal RegistryAnalysis
Dialysis Centre (1 to n)
RR_Dialysis_ModalitynRenal RegistryAnalysis
Dialysis modality (1 to n)
RR_FIRST_DIALYSIS_DATERenal Registry Analysis
First dialysis date
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