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Export to the UKRDC

A single XML file should be exported for each patient that meets the criteria for collection by at least one of the member organisations of the UKRDC.

If a patient does not meet the criteria for any collection (for example they have asked that they not be included in the UKRR and are not a member of PV or RADAR) then they should not be submitted. You should not submit them with anonymised demographics.

It is suggested that files should be exported at least daily to allow timely analysis and in particular to support its use by PatientView.

The files should either contain:

  • The full record of the patient
  • A partial record indicating which date ranges the file covers (as currently used by PV XML)
  • Only changes (Additions, Updates and Deletions)

It is expected that all patients will have an NHS identifier. The “SendingFacility” should be the one where the system is being run (Sent as CNT02 in current UKRR files).

The first transmission to the UKRDC should contain full records for all patients held on the system that meet the criteria for transmission (including historic records).

It should be possible for a user to trigger a re-send of data from the System – such as in the event of problems or to reflect a future schema change.

Transmission to the UKRDC

We currently offer transfers via SFTP as sites are familiar with this from sending data to PV.

Other methods of transfer such as web services will also be possible in the future.

Exports from the UKRDC to the UKRR

Initially the data will be processed as regular quarterly extracts as sites transition to the UKRDC. Alongside this new processes are being developed to produce more "real-time" results and analysis 

Extracts will be processed by the assigned data manager for the unit in the same way that happens now. If the data manager identifies any problems with the data the unit should amend the records on the renal system which will then be transmitted to the UKRDC via the standard feed. The UKRR will then produce an updated export from the UKRDC.

 Units will be informed of data quality issues as data is received, in addition to the quarterly process file processing.

Exports from the UKRDC to PV

Data for patients who are members of PatientView will be sent through to PatientView as soon as the incoming ukrdc file has been processed. This will initially be the current dataset but it is likely to expand with the availability of more data.

Exports from the UKRDC to RADAR

Data for patients who are members of RADAR will be sent through to RaDaR after the incoming file has been processed.