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RPV 4.5 – This is an XML schema where the root node is “renalpatientview”

RPV 4.6 – This is a slightly expanded 4.5 but with the root node changed to “patientview”

Few sites conform correctly to either of these, with incorrect date formats being a particular issue.

PV 2.0 – This is an expanded schema to include IBD and Diabetes records. The root node is “patientview”. The version that has been used as the basis of the vDoc within HealthShare has had restrictions such as enumerations and field lengths relaxed compared to the published version where it is known that this will not affect the PV2 application.

All the versions of PV XML handle changed test results in the same way:

Demographics / Diagnoses / Modality / GP Details

Only the latest value is supplied and these are overwritten in the PV2 application


What data is sent varies with some patients sending the entire historic record and some only sending the most recent 10 prescriptions.

PV deletes any medicines it currently holds from that unit and loads the ones sent in the file.


For each type of test present in the file there is a daterange value.

        <daterange start="2005-06-26" stop="2013-11-15"/>

This describes the period the extract is for if done correctly is a fixed time period (some systems use the dates of the first and last results in the file is correct). Other than when a person is joining PV for the first time a file need only contain about two weeks of results depending on how long it could take between a sample being taken and a result being approved.

PV deletes all existing results for that test from that unit which are currently in the database and occurred between the two dates given. It then loads the


Some sites will include all patient latters each time, some only the most recent and some only once per letter.

If there is an existing letter from that unit with the same time PV will overwrite it otherwise it is created. Deletions are handled via the web application.

Diabetes / IBD Extra Fields

The UKRR had no input on designing these additions and, consequently there are issues such as ambiguous data items due to lack of associated dates etc. Based on a discussion with Nadim I don't think that anyone knows of any specifications other than the schema changes themselves.


PV1 had a mechanism for deleting/disabling patients by sending a message containing only an NHS number and a flag set to “Suspend”, “Died” etc. PV2 doesn’t support this and these files are rejected within the UKRDC as not being valid PV2 XML.

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